How To Make Money On Snapchat – 8 Successful Ways to Earn on Snapchat

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How to make money on Snapchat in 2022 and beyond. Also, how do influencers and business owners make money on Snapchat? Find out all in this post. 


In this post, you will learn how influencers and business owners make money using Snapchat and how you can make money on Snapchat as well. 

You see, in 2011 when Snapchat was first launched, it served just one purpose. And that is to help people share their everyday life using images. The platform was mostly flooded by the younger generation who loved the ideas. However, the platform quickly grew to become one of the powerhouses for online marketers. Snapchat generates millions of traffic on a daily basis — over 300 million people make use of Snapchat to share interesting stories, photos, and videos with their followers every single day. 

Also, did you know that Snapchat pays out more than $1 million per day through its new Spotlight program? You’re going to learn all of that in this post, and how you can also make money on Snapchat. 


Unique Features of Snapchat

Snapchat has some features that make it unique. Below are some of those features. 

  • It features disappearing messages — once your audience sees your message, it disappears.
  • The stories on Snapshot can also disappear after 24 hours. This makes it possible for Snapchat users to make money with a private Snapchat since they can share audacious and explicit images confidently with a Snapchat Premium account.
  • You are able to do selfies, emojis, masks, and filters with Snapchat. You can also use the app to make a video call.
  • There is a discovery section on Snapchat as well – this allows other social media outlets such as VOX, BuzzFeed, MTV, etc. to publish content and news from their websites as snaps. 


How Do You Make Money on Snapchat

Just like other social media platforms, Snapchat also allows its users (Influencers and Business owners to make money online using the platform. But, to be able to make money with Snapchat, you need to know exactly how and where to start. I will show you exactly how. 

The first step to making money with Snapchat is to create a profile. We are going to learn how to create our profile below. 


Creating A Profile on Snapchat

There are different profile types on Snapchat — this includes My Profile, Public Profiles, Friendship Profiles, Group Profiles, and Public Profiles for Businesses.

Remember, profiles make it easy to find the info and Snapchat features that you care about the most on Snapchat.  To be able to make money with Snapchat, you need to create a Public Profile


What is a Public Profile on Snapchat?

A Public Profile allows you to be discovered in the app, helps you showcase your creativity, and also allows fans to find you on Snapchat. With Public Profiles, you get access to a unique set of profile features that let you showcase Lenses and Stories, separate Subscribers from your friends, and most importantly make money. 


Steps to Creating A Public Profile

  • Go to App store/Play store and download the app. 
  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone to sign up with your credentials. 
  • Once registration is done, tap on your profile/your story icon on your screen’s top left corner.
  • Locate the ‘Add to Snap Map’ option under ‘Spotlight & Snap Map’ or ‘Stories.
  • Click on the third dot beside this option to reveal the ‘Create Public Profile option.
  • Once you tap the option, you’ll be introduced to various features present on Tier 1 Public Profile.
  • Then click on the continue button to proceed
  • On the next page, click on the get started button to continue
  • You will be greeted with a screen – it shows both the disclaimer and the ‘Create’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons at the bottom.
  • Hit the Create option, and your public profile is almost set.
  • You will be taken to the Settings screen, — you should see ‘My Public Profile’ under the ‘Public Profiles’ section. 
  • Finally, click the Public Profile section and then click the Edit Profile option to edit your profile as desired, and you are done. 


Alright, here are 8 successful ways to make money on Snapchat. Note, you can make money on Snapchat using any of these methods, either as an influencer, a business owner, or even if you are just starting out, and you want to learn how to make money on Snapchat. 

How To Make Money On Snapchat – 8 Proven Methods

1. Promoting Your Own Products or Services

If you are a business owner or service provider, one way you can drive more traffic to your business is by promoting it on Snapchat. Remember, this platform generates over 300 million views every single day. If you can get a share of that traffic, you will be able to generate more revenue for your business.

Although, Snapchat has its own ads network that allows people to run promotions. However, it is not for free – you have to pay for the ads. But with your Snapchat organic traffic, you can get tons of buyers without making any payment for ads. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that you have the right audience and then leverage that audience to sell your products or services by sharing links to your products, services, or any other digital product you sell. 

If you are an eCommerce business owner, you could use the platform to link to your latest product or even flash sales.

If you are a service provider or trainer, you can also share the links to your services or digital products. 

For you to be successful using this method, you need to have a good number of traffic or Snapchat friends, and it must be niche-focused. Also, remember to balance your content — do not only share promotional content. Share some engaging content like funny, educative, or inspirational posts. Always use 70 percent of the time to share engaging content and the rest for promotional content. 


2. Advertise on Your Story

Another way to make money on Snapchat is to advertise using your story. In fact, this is the most reliable and straightforward strategy for making money on Snapchat. This strategy enables you to allow other businesses to sponsor your story. This is mostly utilized by influencers – similar to allowing brands to sponsor stories on Instagram. 

How this works — Once you are able to get decent traffic to your posts, you’ll be contacted by some influencer who will be willing to pay you to post their content on your story. 

Remember, to use this method, you will need a large following. I will share some tips on how to increase your following at the end of this post.


3. Post to Other Stories

Posting to other stories is another effective way to make money on Snapchat. With this strategy, you can take advantage of popular events and activities within your niche and share your story. 

An example will be adding your snaps to stories such as Big Brother Naija. This will enable you to reach users who follow this type of event. And when your business is exposed to them, it generates more leads, which actually converts to sales. 

If you are an influencer and looking to grow your followers, you can also leverage this and share your stories with popular stories in your niche. This will help create more awareness for you and increase your followers as well. 


4. Get Featured on the Snapchat SpotlightHow to make money on Snapchat

Snapchat spotlight is used for showcasing the collection of the most engaging Snaps from users from around the world. Users can easily explore Spotlight and discover content from people they don’t follow but post content they are interested in. 

When you get featured on the Snapchat Spotlight, you can easily expand your reach, increase your audience and even drive more sales. You’ll need to create a Snap, and select the ‘Spotlight’ from ‘Send to scree’ — before you can be featured on Spotlight. 

It is important to note that all content on Spotlight is public — this means anyone can see your featured content. 


5. Create Your Own Geofilter for Your Business

Snapchat features what is called Geofilters. These are location-based stickers that users can use to easily indicate their current locations while using the app. How do Geofilters help you make money on Snapchat? If you are a business owner, you can simply use this feature to help your target audience discover your local business stores. 

For example, a store like Market square or Slot can drive more in-person traffic to their business when they have their own Geofilter on Snapchat. — this Geofilter will only appear to users who are nearby. 

If you are a local business owner, you can also apply this strategy to make money on Snapchat. Another thing you can also do is to utilize a sponsored Geofilter to boost traffic to your business. However, if you are using a sponsored Geofilter, ensure that they are interesting for users. 

Most businesses make the mistake of only adding their brand name to their Geofilter. This will not do much. You need to be creative, — make use of fun images, creative layovers, or even fun holiday themes that matches your brand. 

The more fun your Geofilters are, — the more likely users are to interact and use the filter and share the Snap with their followers.


6. Affiliate Marketing Using Snapchat

Affiliate marketing is a whole business of its own. There are several ways of doing affiliate marketing, and there are also several platforms for promoting affiliate products. You can use social media platforms, your own blog, or your YouTube channel. 

With affiliate marketing, you simply promote other businesses or products using a special link generated by the business and receive a portion of the profits when people use your link to make a purchase. 

If you run an affiliate blog and have acquired some affiliate partners, you can leverage your Snapchat audience by promoting those affiliate products on your Snapchat. Simply add your affiliate link to your Snaps and reach more people — this will help you make money on Snapchat as well. 

For those who are new to affiliate marketing and are not with any affiliate network/program, you’ll need to find an affiliate program, and join the program to be able to promote their products. 

Some affiliates you can register with include Amazon associates, ShareaSale, JVZoo, Digistore24, ClickBank, etc. 

To make money on Snapchat with affiliate marketing, you need to have a good number of followers, also, you need to keep your content interesting and engaging. Remember, people want to be informed, educated, and entertained, not to see your ads. 


7. Create Sponsored Lenses

The Snapchat lenses are part of the features that sets it apart and make it amazing. The lenses are Augmented Reality (AR) filters that users can interact with. With the lenses, users can virtually “touch” or play with items such as the Augmented Landmarks, AR rainbows, and much more in Augmented Reality.

The sponsored lenses were designed to help businesses and influencers promote products and increase sales. Most users on Snapchat love sharing lenses, — this helps businesses gain more exposure.

Also, all sponsored lenses can be shared with a carefully targeted audience, which makes it really cool. As a business owner, you can build campaigns that target specific demographics like (age and gender). You can also target what topics users interact with regularly. This Snapchat feature even guarantees that a certain number of users will use a lens, making them a solid investment.

Lots of big brands like L’Oreal,  MTV, Apple’s Beats, Budweiser, and Warner Brothers use Sponsored lenses to reach more audiences. As a business owner or a small brand, you can also adopt these sponsored lenses and reach more target audiences. There are several ways you can utilize the sponsored lenses and when users love and engage with your lenses by posting on their stories you can increase your reach in a natural, organic way and generate more sales. 


8. Create Story Ads

Another efficient way to make money on Snapchat is to create story ads. With story ads, users can place ads directly in the Discovery feed, — this is just like placing ads in the Facebook news feed or Instagram feed. Remember, the feed allows users to easily explore content from users they follow, while also giving them room to explore content sponsored by businesses and brands. 

The story ads give businesses the advantage of expanding their reach, – while targeting users who are not following them and those who are not familiar with their brand. With Snapchat stories, you can easily advertise a collection of your products, create more brand awareness and drive more traffic to your business. 

Although this might not result in a lot of sales right away, increasing brand awareness is crucial if you want to drive more sales in the future.


Maximizing Your Earnings on Snapchat

Snapchat has truly made its way to be among the giant social media site among content creators. — Millions of influencers of various age groups love using the platform due to its amazing unique features and also to improve their earnings. Below are some tips to help you maximize your income as well.


  • Connect with Other Social Media Platforms

To become successful on Snapchat, you need to have lots of followers. So, when you start your Snapchat account, you need to first acquire as many followers as possible and this should be done soon. There are two methods of acquiring followers, which are organic and paid promotions. 

While using the organic method, you need to utilize other social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and always ask your followers or people on those platforms to support you by following your Snapchat account. To make it easy for people to follow you, you can use your Snapcode — this will entice people on your friend’s list to follow you easily. 


  • Network on Social Media Forums

Another great way to increase brand awareness on Snapchat is by using a social media forum. 

If you use social media forums like Reddit, Quora, Discord, Medium, etc. you can network with those forums and share valuable information that will benefit others members. That way, people will trust you and your brand.  


  • Learn from Other Snapchat Users

You can not succeed if you depend solely on what you know. To become successful in any field, you need to learn from those in that field. Especially the ones that are very successful. 

As a new Snapchat user, you need to follow popular accounts in your niche, — this will help you understudy them and gain more insight into how the platform works when to post, and how to engage with your followers. 

When you follow top accounts in your niche, you don’t only learn from them, you can also get inspiration for your own content and even explore collaboration to expand your reach.


  • Boost Your Followers

This is the most important aspect if you really want to make money on Snapchat. Boosting your followers on Snapchat requires you to focus on lots of criteria like your content, posting frequency, originality of your post, and how you engage with your audience. 

If you use Snapchat passively, you may find it difficult to boost your followers, as this requires you to be active. And don’t forget to always have great content that will resonate with your audience. 


Tips To Boost and Grow Your Followers. 

Like I said earlier, making money on Snapchat depends mostly on the number of your followers. So, there are a few tips that will help you boost and grow your followers on Snapchat. 

  • Always share your Snapchat profile on other platforms, like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and also encourage users to follow you. 
  • If you have an email list, you can also leverage that list to increase your followers. — Add your Snapcode or account link at the end of every email you send and encourage people to follow you. 
  • Share engaging and interesting content. Content is key – sharing content that will appeal to your target audience will organically increase your followers. Content that mostly increases followers on Snapchat is Funny and entertaining content.
  • Use a great hook, and music that will appeal to your audience in your content, and also add captions to make your Snaps accessible to more users.  
  • Other effective methods that boost your followers on Snapchat are contests and competitions. Sometimes, people need something to make them take that needed action. This is called the push. It could be a free giveaway or even a small prized contest. — For example, you could ask your audience to take a selfie with your product, capture something related to your industry, or even post a fun lip-syncing video of your song. This will give your brand much-needed awareness with ease. 
  • Follow the trend. Don’t be left behind, always pay attention to what’s trending in your niche/industry and jump on the train. 
  • Use paid promotions. Growing your followers organically is good, but if you can add paid promotions, it will ensure you get there real fast. 


FAQs About How to Make Money on Snapchat 

How Much Can I Make As An Influencer on Snapchat? 

The amount influencers make on Snapchat varies, and this depends on both the industry of focus and the number of followers. But generally, an influencer averages between $10 to $100 for every 1k followers


How Many Followers Do I Need to Make Money on Snapchat? 

For you to qualify for a creator account, you need at least 100 followers on Snapchat. And since influencers on Snapchat are paid based on followers, you’ll need at least thousands of followers on Snapchat to earn a substantial income. 


Do I Get Paid For Views on Snapchat? 

Users are not paid for views on Snapchat. For you to make money on Snapchat, you will need to promote affiliate links, sell products, or allow businesses and brands to sponsor your stories, where they pay to reach your audience. 


How Can I Get More Followers on Snapchat? 

Using the tips above will help you get more followers. Ideally, getting more followers on Snapchat requires you to post more engaging content frequently. 

You can also use ads, run contests, and promote your Snapchat account on other social media accounts or to your email list.


What Are Snapchat Subscribers? 

Snapchat Subscribers are people who find you on the Discover tab and follow you. Since Snapchat is more friends oriented, your subscribers can only see posts you share publicly, but not Snaps you share with your friends. 


How to Make Money on Snapchat: Final Note

Alright, in this post, I have shown you 8 legitimate ways that you can use to make money on Snapchat. Remember, just like other social media platforms, making money on Snapchat requires you to have lots of active and engaging followers.

If you have a good number of followers on Snapchat, try to implement all the methods I shared in this post, — that way, you will stand a chance of making more money with your Snapchat account. 

Hope this post was informative and helpful. If you are new to Snapchat and you are considering this as an extra way of making money — but don’t know how to start, feel free to share your challenges using the comment session. 

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